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new art

2010-01-14 09:21:27 by snpurerandomness

I have uploaded 2 more pieces of art that i drew ages ago i managed to take pictures of them so their not pixelated

2nd art upload

2010-01-13 14:44:04 by snpurerandomness

i know that my art looks pixelated but that is beacause i am making it in ms paint i hope to send in somethhing that i have actually drawn soon
also if you didnt know already my first upload got blammed but i will try again in a while

first upload

2010-01-12 08:17:08 by snpurerandomness

it looks seriosly bad it has a little had bit in the middle and it is my first upload!
it looks that way beacause thats the kind of hand drawn style everyone likes.
so what if its really easy it has been made to be played by any one yes any one.
if people think its good then there will be a silightly harder sequel!