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hey again

2010-05-14 07:37:31 by snpurerandomness 438272
can u beat ME?

hey again


2010-02-24 13:44:46 by snpurerandomness
thats the address its not finished yet though


2010-02-24 13:28:36 by snpurerandomness

i am now making a website on when it is finished then i will give you the address

i have returned

2010-02-21 14:19:23 by snpurerandomness

if there is someone out there that has noticed the fact that i have been quiet recently sorry
i have been taking a break wandering around an active volcano looking at dead bodies eating rabbits, swordfish and several squids.
feel free to ask about what else i did and guess where i went


2010-02-12 10:18:51 by snpurerandomness

photos i think should be allowed on the art portal like my user image


2010-02-09 13:53:12 by snpurerandomness

i have started a forum to help me add the finishing touches to a book i am writing have a look and lend me a hand 44197

bored of im bored post

2010-02-09 06:49:51 by snpurerandomness

all of the time every day i look at the newgrounds news and see
"im bored" seriosly just get over it if your bored then play a game if youve played all the ones you like thyen play a new submission but dont write "im bored" beacause there is always something to do if you find newgrounds boring then go and make a game and post it
if your bored of ng why did you make an account


2010-02-02 07:32:28 by snpurerandomness

i have electrodes on my back so that i can give myself an electric shock i plan to go out with wires going out of my back and im trying to think of how i can make a joke of it eg im battery powered if you have any ideas please post them

oh well

2010-01-22 11:32:54 by snpurerandomness

once again somthing i started has been deleted the derams and weird stuff forum has been deletedso dont try looking for it

new forum

2010-01-22 06:55:02 by snpurerandomness

i have made a new foru for anyone who whishes to give any bizzare knowledg that they may have
or dreamsthat they have had pretty much anything really
<a> /1139488